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>> the president of syria warned israel he is ready to confront any act of aggression. >> the warning comes as new un figures reveal a massive increase in the number of syrian refugees in the last month alone. this is al-jazeera live from london. people are killed a suicide bomb on police headquarters in iraq. the egyptian protests of a man being beaten and why the story was changed again. the opposition leader of spain
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joined protests calling for the prime minister to quit over corruption. football couple -- oldest football club becomes the latest victim in the economic crisis. >> the president of syria has accused israel of trying to stabilize its country. the warning comes as new u.s. figures show the number of serious refugees rose by more than 25% last month. the president told state television the military is ready to confront any act of aggression by israel. this follows an air strike outside the capital of damascus on wednesday with the government has blamed on israel. the promise came as he met the head of a rob's and national security council. the theory of conflict has dominated high level talks at a security conference in germany.
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the defense minister of israel appears to confirm speculation that israeli forces were behind wednesday's attack near damascus. >> alongside apparent diplomatic progress on syria, there were reminders about how easily the conflict could spread. the defense minister of israel spoke of the imminent fall of bashar al-assad, and gave his response to reports that israeli jets bombed targets inside syria. >> i cannot say anything about what happened in syria several days ago, but they keep telling us that frankly that we said when we face some think we need it, we say we don't think they should be allowed to bring
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advanced weapons systems into lebanon on. >> the iranian foreign minister said he held face-to-face talks with syrian opposition on saturday. about the number of one-on-one meetings with key players including u.s. vice president, joe biden. the syrian opposition leader also said that with the russian foreign minister and was invited to moscow for four -- for further talks. it's being seen as representing the faintest sign of progress toward easing the civil war. there appears to be progress on the iranian nuclear issue but buried responding to joe biden pasquale to return to negotiation, is run said it had no red line and was willing to talk. >> if we are willing for negotiation, we have to make sure this time, and this is i think very fair of us, that the other side this time comes with
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authentic intentions. >> syria may be the world's most urgent security issue now, but iran may -- iran remained a possible future one. >> syrian activists say missiles have been fired. various videos have a version of the aftermath of the attack. the attacks killed at least 16 people, 10 of them under 18. many more were wounded. activists say the hospital treating the injured is in desperate need of donors. new numbers from the un and show the number of syrians known to have left the country in the last month rose by 25%. there are so many in jordan that they now make up 5% that of the country's population. many are waiting to be registered as refugees. the number is more than 733,000,
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almost 156,000 left the country in january alone, the highest increase since april last year. the un estimates another half a million people have left syria and not registered. some 2 million others are thought to have been displaced inside the country boy. the situation -- inside the country. clashes broke out as it tenants were being handed out in one jordanian town. let's talk more about the refugee situation with my guest from the jordanian capital. it seems even went refugees make it to the safety of the camp, the hardship is not over. now we see this spike in numbers. >> of course these figures the u.n. mentions are alarming indeed. jordan, turkey, and lebanon are hosting the largest number of syrians in the region. in jordan, only -- over 55,000
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arrived in january alone. we have not seen such an influx of this size and one month since the start of the conflict, so it is an alarming and large number at the dedication the security situation inside syria is deteriorating. it's an indication the government is increasing its aerial bombardment of syrian cities and that is what refugees have told us. it is also an indication that the displaced syrians inside the country, there is no where safety "except the closest borders and they're having to flee forcibly because they cannot stay inside syria. this is putting all lot of strain on jordan. jordan is suffering from its own economic crisis and is unable to shoulder this responsibility alone. they have repeatedly called on the international community to raise aid to the refugee community. there were riots in inside the
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police. refugee camp in jordan. while refugees were queuing to receive assistance from a norwegian charity agency, scuffles broke out and we heard security forces had to use tear grasses -- had to use tear gas to disperse the protesters. some of the refugees attacked some of the aid workers and security forces. there is a very high level of frustration inside the camps because these people are having to live inside a cold community of tents outside the villa of the winter. these riots at scuffles are not unusual at have happened in the past. usually it is because of deep frustration. they have 2 q every day to receive assistance, blankets and tents. it is very frustrating. >> thank you. fighting between two arab tribes
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in western sudan has displaced from 100,000 people. united nations officials say its quickly turning into one of the biggest crises of the year. violence broke out because of a dispute over a gold mine in a remote part of our four. a convoy carrying blankets and other supplies has just set off on a days long journey to deliver emergency aid. at least 15 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on the provincial police headquarters in iraq. 90 people were wounded. one suicide bomber targeted the compound. gunman dressed as police and then stormed the building. we have this report from baghdad. >> it was at the attack at the heart of the security forces, the police headquarters in the center of kirkuk. a suicide bomber driving what looked like a police car
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detonated in the center of the compound. >> the foreign-exchange building was totally destroyed by the blast. suicide bombers also attacked the police headquarters with hand grenades and police killed two of them. >> there were some the dead and wounded, some were taken to hospitals in other cities. many so badly wanted that the death toll is bound to rise. officials say if the gunman had not been shot before they could detonate their vests, it would have been worse. this is not the first attack on the same headquarters. a suicide bomber two years ago killed dozens in an attack claimed by al qaeda in iraq. no one has taken responsibility for this one yet, but this is a most divided city claimed by kurds, arabs, and turkmen. people believe that political turmoil makes it easier to launch attacks. >> a 25-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a
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former u.s. navy seals sniper. chris called served four combat tours of duty in iraq. he had another man were shot dead at a gun range in texas on saturday. the motive for the shooting is not known yet. his autobiography, "american sniper,"details is a tour of duty in iraq in which he is said to have killed 150 people. an egyptian man has changed his story again after he was shown beaten, stripped and caught on video outside the presidential palace in cairo on friday. on saturday, he appeared on a different -- on egyptian television saying protesters attacked him. now he says it was the police. with the to cairo and get more. another twist to this tale -- what is the protesters' saying actually happened?
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>> now he is saying it was the police who beat him up. what we understand is someone from the prosecutor office went to visit him in the hospital and showed him the video all of us have seen plays over and over again. it is that that stage he was asked are you still sticking to your story that it was the protesters'. he responded that it was the police who beat him up. all lot of people say he was under stress and was at that police hospital. he was visited yesterday morning by the police and he -- it was that he was pointing the finger at the police. they were saying it is the same old methods used by the
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government. there is no -- you have to underline that egyptians were watching this man being beaten up and humiliated and his rights relieve violated live on television. every egyptian you talk to, there was only one explanation -- that he was put under police and told by the police he had to say so. one family member said he was offered what he was always dreamt of, which is a full-time job and accommodations. >> what have the family members been saying? it has put them at the center of things. >> yesterday evening was a surreal situation here. if you change from channel to
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channel, you hear different members of his family or the man himself saying there were protesters beating yet and his daughters say it was that police and he was under threat. the spokesman of the interior ministry sticking to the same story and i think that is the silver lining to this story. it is the first time they have apologized and it carried out an investigation. it was a surreal situation to what for anyone at home. this morning, we went to say his -- went to see his family, some of the most marginalized people in this country. everyone was crying foul play, chanting slogans in his support and saying we all voted for the president but we are all going to go down to tahrir.
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at least they are celebrating that the man has changed his story again. >> thank you. still to come this half hour, a fire in a bangladesh slump leaves hundreds of people homeless. 612 seats, at 612 candidates, so why is a high turnout expected in cuba's parliamentary election? american football fans gear up for a showdown between the san francisco forty-niners and baltimore ravens in the u.s. super bowl. >> we still have plenty of rather chilly air working its way into parts of the state, all
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feeding down from canada. - 1 in new york and a fair amount of clouds and snow as well. this system is going to sweep then tuesday and behind that, there may be some breaks in the clouds. new york will get to zero and a for ottawa, we will be at -18. far warmer toward the west. seattle should get to double figures. there will be some clouds and snow and higher ground as well. plenty of what weather across south america, particularly over bolivia. just trying to nudge a bit of for their toward ecuador. the rain will stretch down toward rio and that is where it will stay as we had the day. they will have a very what couple of days. toward europe, the weather here is very mobile at the moment.
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one system heading toward the west and it will get cooler. london will
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>> welcome back. a reminder of your top stories. the president of syria has accused israel of trying to destabilize the country. he told state television his military is ready to confront any act of aggression by israel. new u.n. figures show the number of assyrian refugees rose by more than 25% last month and at least 15 people have been killed on a police -- on attacking a police building in kirkuk in northern iraq. on-line activists in saudi arabia are calling for harsher
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punishment for people who commit child abuse. a prominent clerics is said to have got a light sentence and fine after allegedly confessing to the killing of his 5-year-old daughter. earlier this month, saudi it arabia be headed a young housemaid after she was convicted of killing an infant in her care in 2005. hours after a visit by the french president, french troops launched air strikes on rebel camps in the north of mali. they targeted a fuel depot close to the border with algeria. the town is controlled by a separatist group which occupied it. the leader of the spanish opposition has called on the prime minister to resign over a corruption scandal. demonstrations erupted in a number of cities.
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demonstrators are calling for him to step down. it has fallen sharply according to a new opinion poll. they denied secret payment after its papers published details of a reserve account belonging to his party. it is the latest element and a growing scandal. spanish political analysts explains what effect the scandal is likely to have on the anti- austerity protest. >> it has been demonstrated for months -- the demonstrations are down to the system itself, not just cutbacks in health care system or education. it will be more protests against
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the way politics are run in spain. it is a new situation. it has never happened before. it could really lead to changes or not. there is no precedent. >> a schoolgirl and pakistan is being treated after being shot by the taliban and has undergone another to successful operations. she was shot in the head in october as she left school. she was targeted because she campaigned for girls' education. on saturday, doctors reconstructed her skull and fitted in plant into her ear. doctors say they are pleased with her progress. there currently at the country residence of the bridge by mr.
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following talks on monday trade is the third trilateral summit since last year. the leaders met in july and into the timber. but for the first time, terry and intelligence officials will join them for face-to-face talks as part of an effort to improve cooperation and forestry to withdraw from afghanistan next year. a fire has destroyed almost 100 homes in a shantytown in the capital of bangladesh. everyone appears to have escaped, but it has left more than 500 people homeless. >> the fire started in a shantytown. only a short time later, many homes were destroyed. the fire department says it took an hour to get the flames of a control. residents tried to help, but the flames spread quickly through the tightly packed and flimsy huts. >> said in the slum caught fire and about 200 homes were
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destroyed. i also live here and my home was burned. now i'm just thinking about how we will survive. >> police had to evacuate from a nearby station, taking what they could carry. many people are left feeling desperate. >> because of our problems, we were living in the slum. we lost all of our savings and money, all burned to ashes. i have nothing now. i'm penniless. we need your help otherwise we will become beggars. >> it not the first time the slums had been dealt such a hard blow. a fire destroyed hundreds of homes only four months ago. a around half of the residents live in shantytowns. many of them only just scraping together a modest living. this fire has destroyed what little they have. >> in brazil, thousands of
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friends and relatives of the victims of last week's nightclub fire had attended a mass in their honor. after the service, a vigil was held outside the destroyed nightclub sunday morning. the latest victim died late on saturday, bringing the death toll to 237. millions of cubans are currently voting in parliamentary elections which are held every five years. turnout is usually high with more than 90% of 8 million eligible voter -- 8 million eligible voters expected to take part despite the only viable party being the communist party. that and the fact are 612 candidates running for 612 seats. more interesting is the major demographic change the election will produce in the assembly. almost 70 percent of the candidates are newcomers.
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70% were born after the cuban revolution. 7% are cubans of african% -- african descent and women make up half a can get it. among them is the president of daughter who is known for liberal positions and support of the rights. more from havana. >> we are here in a train station in old havana. people have been coming here since 7:00 to vote on who will become the numbers of the national assembly. they come and register here and cast their ballots. turnout has historically been very high. around 95% of the population votes. it is an example of support for the revolution, says the government. but dissidents say it is fear
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because not doing so could get them in trouble. that can do it for this election were preselected and other electoral processes. there are 612 candidates for 612 post. the whole profession is the void of party slogans because the only party is the communist party. members of the national assembly will have to vote later this month on who will become the president. raul castro has been the president since 2008. most of the candidates are between 40 and 50 years old in a country where the top leadership is between 70 and 80. >> the oldest football club in greece has become the latest victim of the economic crisis there. reeling of a loss of gains and top players, they're trying to raise money from fans. but the response has so far been
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lukewarm. >> the team is everything to these die-hard fans. they call it an addiction, a fitness. but lately, it's the team itself that is sick. some of the best players have signed up with rival teams. the rest are unhappy and losing matches in the closing minutes through what seems like carelessness. >> they continue to have stars and strong players with expensive contracts. we are going to try to reduce their contracts to make the team title. we're talking about 50% were seven great players, otherwise it will go bankrupt. >> like the rest of greece, they are cutting down on expenses wherever they can. >> the team spent one-and-a-half million dollars a month renting the olympic stadium, money and can ill afford. the 3000 fans at managed to rustle up for most games these
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days looks paltry on television in a state -- stadium built for 70,000. so next month, they're going to leave the facility and move back to its historic home ground in the city center. >> it once supported the first crest pitch and stadium lighting but it's now an antiquated monument. that doesn't seem to bother the hard-core fans whose club houses down the road. >> it can only be a good thing. it's a much hotter did you then the frigid olympic stadium and a return to our natural space. >> with $35 million in debt, they are already bankrupt. their previous owner has put up for sale. a nonprofit alliance was launched last year to sell shares to the fan base.
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10 months later, only 10,000 people have signed up. these fans say the money will and that any pockets of the outgoing owners who they blame for mismanagement. but they have not given up hope. a team
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